The main cruise dinner to have in Dubai Tour

Cruise Dinners are a thing which is very popular for calming people and relaxing them like Dhow Cruise dinner in Dubai is an unforgettable experience that you will have in your Dubai Tour, whereas cruising down the creek within the heart of port is a tremendous sight and skill. Step aboard a standard picket sailing ship Cruise to experience real Arabic and continental Buffet in the restful atmosphere with soothing background music.
Your experience of Dhow Cruise Dinner in your Dubai Tour will get more “worth remembering” if you will select us for this experience.

Why is Dhow cruise dinner a major Dubai Attraction?
Wonderful is a very small word to explain how the experience is. Taking you into imaginations is the only option left for explaining to you how the experience is. Okay, so imagine you are sitting on a wooden boat all decorated with bright lights some of the white color, some of the golden, some of the yellow and many more colors and that boat is in the middle of a river. Everything around you is very calm, all you can hear is the sound of beautiful music that is being played around you and of the waves of the river. You are away from the city noises and road traffic. And among all this beautiful view you are being served with food which is super amazing and palatable in its taste. If I will tell you more of this experience you will think that I am lying because all of this sounds so dreamy and much far from reality. So to believe me that all of this is the reality you have to visit it as soon as you can!

What to expect from us?
Now let me tell you about the things we offer you in our Dhow Cruise Dinner Package in your Dubai Tour We will pick you around 9 pm.Your welcome at the cruise dinner will be done with the drinks. After that, the cruise will be started. The duration will be of 2 hours. The boat will move up and down slowly on the river. You will be able to feel the movement of waves.

During the cruise-
A number of food items will be served during the cruise and of course, the buffet dinner will also be served. That food item includes fresh Arabic coffee and drinks first and after that with a wide variety of gourmet cuisines which can also be called as its specialty.
Music is played throughout the cruise which gives a very relaxing feeling.
Buffet dinner is the best thing of all the food items there and gives you a taste which will stay with you forever.

The best part about it is that you have the choice of selecting the cruise of your type. There are 3 types of the cruise. Select the one which is preferable for you.

You will be dropped back to your hotel around 11:30 pm go to this link and book your deal now for dhow cruise dinner in your Dubai Tour.

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