Which is best for you- Volkswagen Polo or Nissan Micra?

All of us die hard car lovers remember the memorable 70s hatchbacks like the classic Chevy Vega GT or the groovy Ford Pinto among many others, what if I were to tell you pioneers in the industry like the German automobile giant Volkswagen and its Japanese counterpart Nissan are still continuing to preserve the virtues of groove and muscle whilst still keeping up with the demands of modernity? The new Volkswagen Polo and Nissan Micra are precisely the modern embodiment of all the things we’ve loved in the past and more! Here’s a detailed comparative to help you decide your future pick.

The Engine

Volkswagen Polo:

The polo is available in the 1L petrol and 1.5L diesel variants. Both of them boast of stellar performance with an above average fuel economy of 18.78 km per litre and 74 bhp that promises the smoothest of driving experiences without compromise on power. Both the models don a five-speed manual transmission which ensure seamless and nimble acceleration.

Nissan Micra:

 The Micra is available in the 1.2L petrol and 1.5L diesel variants. Contrary to the Polo the Micra is slightly tilted towards efficiency over power with a mileage between 19.15 and 23.19 kmpl and a lower 63.12 bhp. The transmission is available in manual and automatic variants with an exclusive Xtronic® CVT transmission that omits gear shifts and focuses on fuel efficiency.

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Design and accessories:

Volkswagen Polo:

The Polo doesn’t play around when it comes to pleasing the eyes. The aesthetics on the Polo are dead on, everything from the sleek LED lights, to the slender shut lines and the cutting-edge radiator grille scream perfection. This car adapts smoothly with present times with its interior loaded with technology like a cooled glovebox, auto multi-function steering control, auto dimming IVRM and auto rain sensing wipers. With its Cruise Control feature this car also makes travelling long distances a miniature task with the flick of a button! Standard dual airbags and anti-lock braking system check all the boxes necessary for safety. All this coupled with an in-built touchscreen which easily connects with your phone, makes driving this car a very pleasurable experience.

Nissan Micra:

The Micra goes for a more athletic mini-cooper-esque look with chrome accents on the headlamps and taillamps, which give it a compact yet sturdy appearance. This car does something innovative with its Follow Me lights feature that keeps the headlights on while you lock up the car and walk away or the same can be used to track your car in a big parking lot. It also possesses standard air bags and ABS along with rain sensing wipers similar to the Polo. The Micra combines efficiency with comfort and accessibility with the option to rev up the engine at a button’s push, steering wheel mounted controls and an automatic AC.


Volkswagen Polo:

Its price ranges from 5.70 to 9.14 lac INR varying according to fuel variant and model.

Nissan Micra:

Nissan Micra price ranges from 6.52 to 8.16 lac INR varying according to fuel variant and model.

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