Learn The Importance of Impure Sequence too to Play Rummy and Earn Money

Sometimes we get very comfortable remembering only 2-3 rules of a game and comfortably getting by playing according to those rules only. We forget that there are other rules and tactics as well that might give us a better chance at a win or improve our over-all game-play in the long run. While it is possible to play indian rummy and earn real money even with limited tactics, the important question here is this: Do we want to win as an off chance or as a given? The answer to this question marks the difference between a novice and an expert.

It can often happen that in our hurry to make pure sequences, and from a misplaced desire of having “perfect” cards, we often don’t use Impure Sequences to their full potential. In truth, Impure Sequences are sometimes game-changing, if used creatively and planned strategically.

It is important to remember that there can be two types of Impure Sequence – Impure Sequence with Face Card Joker and Impure Sequence with Wild Card Joker. At the start of the game, a Wild Card Joker is chosen for that game.

Therefore, to play rummy and earn real money, we need to remember why Impure Sequences are also handy in a game.

Importance of Impure Sequences


The end-goal of the game of Rummy is to have the least number of points/cards at hand, as fast as possible. The one who finishes melding all of their 13 initial cards into sequences and sets, wins. The Face Card Joker or the Wild Card Joker has no points, to begin with. Therefore, their presence in one’s share of cards already means that that player is starting the game with a few cards that have no points. The lesser the points, the more chances of a win. When impure sequences are made using these cards, they then help finish the cards that are in the players’ hands, taking them forward in the game.


Using Impure Sequences to clear off the number of cards in one’s hands is a fast and effective way of moving towards victory. Waiting for pure sequences and only melding them can take up a lot of time and is a very difficult way of playing the game that can take ages to finish, if at all. Impure Sequences are easier to make and they help make Rummy a game at a good pace, if played properly.


Morale is an important thing, no matter which competitive game is being played. Impure Sequences boost morale because cards that can make Pure Sequences rarely come together in the initial 13 cards given to each player. Therefore Impure Sequences keep the players engaged with a sense of moving forward and encourages the players to go on playing even when they get a bad set of cards initially.


There is no qualitative difference/ difference in points between Pure and Impure Sequence. Therefore, if the aim of the game is to get rid of one’s hand of cards as soon as possible, it is not only important but necessary to use the Impure Sequence in a game of Rummy.

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