Helping the Music Industry Recover Amid This Pandemic

With many businesses closing and sectors that have been negatively affected by the pandemic, the music industry is no exception. According to Music Business Worldwide, global streams on Spotify dropped by 11% in the week commencing March 13. Along with the decline in music streaming is multiple canceled tours, concerts, and music festivals worldwide. While staying at home may give artists time to make new songs or improve their existing songs, canceled tours and concerts may be challenging to the people who depend on these as their source of income. But can the music industry still be saved? Here are a few proposals that may help boost up the music industry during this pandemic.

Take advantage of technology

People have been advised to stay indoors to minimize the risks of getting the virus. As a result, many of us started to rely more on the internet and technology to communicate and work remotely. While there is a decline in music streaming online, there are other platforms that can help promote local and international music, such as social media. According to the Harris Poll, between 46% and 51% of US adults were using social media more since the outbreak began. The most recent survey in May revealed that over 50% of total respondents increased usage on certain social media platforms. If you rely on music to make a living, you can promote your products on the most commonly used social media platforms that people use in your area. So try to advertise your music in the right places.

Conduct online music lessons

Another way to rescue the music industry is to impart your knowledge to other people. This applies not only to the music teachers out there but also for those who have a passion for music. Start your own online music lessons and tutorials. Some services you can offer online are singing lessons, piano lessons, guitar lessons, and many more! Take advantage of online video chat platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, and Facetime. Especially nowadays, where people are mostly in their homes with limited activities to do but more time to kill. It is also psychologically proven that music lessons improve cognitive skills, creativity, and academic performance. So for those parents who are looking for activities that your children can do at home, it’s time to invest in music lessons. You won’t only enhance your child’s skills, but you will also get to support music teachers and the music industry itself!

Buy music and merchandise

Even before the pandemic started, piracy has always been a big problem in the music industry, especially for indie musicians. Some of the indie music is being used without proper copyright and permission from the composers and producers. So if you have the means, buy CDs, Vinyl, and other physical music products. You can also purchase merchandise as this may be one of the best ways to support your local and independent artists. They are usually available from artists themselves, promoters, and venues.

Visit your local independent record shops

Supporting small and independent music businesses is very crucial during this pandemic. Big companies can likely endure prolonged periods in times of crisis, but small businesses depend on their daily sales. They need to have consistent support in order to stay open and to keep their staff employed. Some small music businesses have already resumed their operations with proper safety protocols for your safety. But you also have to make sure that you are also doing your job to prevent the virus. Always wear your face masks, bring alcohol-based sanitizers, wear gloves if you must, and maintain proper social distancing.

Check on your musician and artist friends

The pandemic has been causing depression, anxiety, and other mental health-related problems all over the world. Many people are still losing their jobs and their only source of income. Social isolation can also be one of the many factors that may affect a person’s mental health. Checking on your friends and loved ones are important during these uncertain times. Ask, listen, and support will make them feel loved and appreciated. Many of us might be facing our own personal battles.

Most people find that listening to music is therapeutic and relaxing. People also rely on it for entertainment purposes when staying at home. It has the power to make us feel good and is scientifically proven to release dopamine, a kind of happy hormone. Some will even say that they can’t live without music. And likewise, music can’t live without us. So let’s do our best as a community and keep the music industry alive.

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