5 Budget-Friendly Las Vegas Hotels

When people think of Las Vegas, they don’t think so much of staying in a camper rental, but more of large, luxurious hotels. The only thing is that many of these hotels have a hefty price tag attached to them.

If you’re looking for an option that won’t cost you an arm and a leg and that isn’t your camper rental, you’ll be happy to discover that there are actually quite a few budget-friendly hotels in the area. While luxury is all well-and-good, you’re probably going to be having a lot of fun outside your hotel, so if you don’t mind cutting back on some “luxury” things in your hotel, than you’ll still be able to find a decent place to stay that allows you right where you want to be.

To help you start planning where you’re going to stay, here are our favorite budget-friendly options in Las Vegas. Some will allow you to get close to the action while others will provide you with a more tranquil setting for relaxing. Take a look:


Who doesn’t want to stay in a castle? While you may easily have that opportunity visiting Europe, let’s say that the U.S. isn’t exactly the place you think of when you think of majestic castles. Excalibur may not be historic but it sure is a popular place to stay. With everything you need, from a pool to a spa and fitness room, as well as slot and table games, it’s the location where you get everything you could want out of a Las Vegas vacation but for a more affordable price than most.


30-stories, Luxor is a large and in charge hotel that offers great deals on rooms, every now and then. It’s a great alternative to “roughing” it in your RV and offers everything you could possibly need in a Las Vegas hotel, from the casino to the pool. Located on the strip, you can’t do much better than this in terms of price, view, and comfort. It isn’t the fanciest hotel on the strip but if you’re looking for decent comfort and a great price, this is the place to go.


If you’re all about hanging out on the Strip while you’re in the city than what more could you ask for than a place that is located right on the Strip? While it’s not the fanciest hotel, it offers everything you may need, from air-conditioning to an entertainment center and even views in some rooms, Flamingo is a great option when you don’t want to pay more than 100 bucks on a room.

4.Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

One wouldn’t say that the hotel has the best décor but it certainly has a great location and great price, so why fuss about what you’re really only going to pay attention to when it’s time to sleep, when you get to be right smack on the Strip at Bally’s? From the full-service spa to the fitness center and cable TV in your bedroom? What more could you ask for. Oh, there are also plenty of restaurants and bards at Bally’s, so if you never want to leave the hotel and casino, you don’t ever have to—that is while you’re a guest there. Living there long-term could get kind of expensive.

5.Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino

If you don’t want to stay on the Strip but you want to be close enough that you get to visit when you want to, go to Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino. It’s one of the most iconic hotels in Vegas, yet excellently priced so you don’t overspend on a hotel room while in Las Vegas. The rooms are clean, the service is on-point, and there is even a shark tank in your pool. While it’s not located on the Strip, for the price and the quality, it’s kind of worth it to stay at Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino.

In Conclusion

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas and when you stay in Vegas, you want to stay as close as you can to the Strip. It’s where everything happens and where you can enjoy everything from pool parties to gambling and a whole lot of fun. Whether you’re visiting solo or with friends, there is a lot to see and do while in the area.

The above-mentioned hotels are only a few options where you don’t have to expect to pay more than $200 a night. In fact, many of these hotels have rooms that are priced lower than $100. If you are ready to leave your camper rental at the RV park and want to enjoy everything about Las Vegas, than check out these hotels and discover which option is the best one for you.