Does every vehicle need same towing equipment?

Someone has very tightly said hard times never knock. We get into some mass when we have no time for it. The same kind of thing happens with our vehicles, it breakdown when we can’t afford it. In these hard times a towing service can help you to stand with you and take you out of it. You just need to hire a towing company service they will help you from further wasting of time. But one question always arises every vehicle need same towing equipment? No!  All different vehicle needs different kind of towing equipment example for large vehicle it uses Towing truck [รถยกลากจูง, which is the term in Thai] that would be suitable to given situation.

Flatbed towing truck and its purpose:

In flatbed truck as a name refers to have a flat platform and this type of towing truck ok used mostly and frequently. Another word for flatbed is also known as Slide truck [รถยกรถสไลด์, which is the term in Thai]. If you start a business of towing the first asset you will buy would be flatbed truck because this is the most common and used equipment of towing service. The flatbed platform gets adjusted upward and downward by using hydraulic system. The truck has large area of flat panel which helps to carry large weighted vehicles. It’s not use used for road vehicle but also for boats transporting.

Integrated towing truck and its purpose:

Integrated tow trucks play an important role if you run towing company as many time you get contract to tow heavy and large vehicle that needs specific equipment of them. Mostly the heavy duty vehicle has weight of almost 1500 kg or more this is why the need specific equipment to tow them. Integrated tow truck have axles which help in providing extra strength and help other equipment in stability.