Essential steps that should be followed for getting an Indian Visa

Visa is available in different forms, either it can be online or offline. The process of obtaining an offline Visa is filled with various complexities. It depends on the nationality of the citizen that what will be the charges for getting the India Visa for Myanmar CitizensThe rules and regulations of the country may vary from each other. The applicant should do proper research before applying for eVisa.

The embassy is also providing online applications for applying eVisa. The person can download the application on the computer and submit the application for obtaining eVisa. There is a need for eVisa in the countries where there is no value of the offline Visa. An interview of the citizen is conducted personally for getting the Visa.

Steps that are essential for obtaining Visa 

Here are some of the steps that will allow getting India Visa for Myanmar Citizens – 

Step-1. In the beginning, a person should select what type of Visa is needed. There can be many reasons, like traveling for educational purposes or medical purposes. It should be stated in the online application of the citizen.

Step-2. The date of birth should be provided in the application. It will be helpful in knowing the eligibility of the person for obtaining the eVisa.

Step -3. The citizen should fill all the requirements in the online application with due attention. Any false information will result in again applying for the Visa. The permanent address of the citizen should be provided in the application.

Step-4  The citizen who is applying for the Visa has to appear in an Interview. All the documents submitted in an online application will be needed at the time of the Interview. So, there should be a prior gathering of the documents of the person.

Along with the steps, the fees charged are also different. A person should keep the thought in mind.

Reasons for refusal of a visa application 

Either an application can be approved or rejected for eVisa. The approved application will be eligible for getting a printed visa. The rejection will be accompanied by the explanation of the denial. Here are some of the reasons for refusal –

  • If the citizen is giving wrong information in the above-stated steps, then the application will be rejected.
  • The criminal history of the citizen should be disclosed. If the citizen has any criminal background, then the application will be rejected.
  • Some citizens are not having a good relationship with other citizens. The application of the citizens will be rejected.
  • If the passport of the citizen is expired, then the application will be rejected. So, there should be the validity of six months of the passport while entering India.
  • The citizen is using a non-valid visa earlier, and then their application will be rejected. There should be furnishing of the certificate of character for getting India Visa for Myanmar Citizens. 

The bottom line 

The above-stated are the reasons for the rejection of the eVisa. The health of the citizen should be paid due consideration.