Everything thing you need to know About Lamai Beach

Lamai Beach koh Samui is one the largest tourist places in Samui after chaweng. It is a quiet place and more enjoyable with cool and sweet weather, it’s a perfect place for new couples. It also has some beautiful features like the spa  and tourist site to explore. The most mind blowing thing about it is, it has all this and in a cheaper price than chaweng. Along with  the rest of other Resort in koh samui is a constant trend of cheap and affordable place, more beautiful and elegant.

One of the main popular attraction in  lamai.

 silver beach

Silver beach 250m long beach Paradise which is reported to be located in a beautiful bay facing  the Northeast which is located  at north side of lamai beach,  at the foothills and cliffs which  separates lamai from the biggest  town of chaweng in the East coast side of koh Samui. Which is also know as  Haad Thong Ta khian , which means tree beach,  silver beach has in it four long established hotels and also restaurants too.

Crystal Bay Beach Resort

Silver beach resort , crystal  bay yacht club and two other clubs occupies  all most the whole  length if the beach. Therefore , according to Thailand law even if you’re not in one this hotels you still have the right to go on this quite strip of sand  that simply offer many opportunities for sunbathing, swimming.

The beach is not that big but still has all it takes and  also have enough space to receive some many outsiders for the fact the hasn’t been that know. The bay is awesome and it provides an excellent diving opportunity along the rock at both ends. Sea kayaks are always available  for rent for some few hundred baht in either of the hotel that are occupying the beach. All the massage rooms are also available under shade of a tree, they offer very impressive spa and treatment  and pedicure. The prices of the massage are not too expensive, it’s quite affordable regarding to what you’re going to experience, most other hotels can give you this only in Koh Samui is where you can get it.