The Next Big Thing in CBD Oil

CBD, the chemical compound found in marijuana and hemp plants, has begun showing up in lattes, shampoos, gummy bears, dog treats and body oils recently. It has gone from individuals selling CBD online to CBD being sold at farmer’s market, coffee shops, small stores, and even high-end chain department stores.

It does appear that CBD oil has magically seeped into anything and everything. It is no surprise that CBD oil has gone from relative anonymity to being one of the hottest products in the world today. This was in turn aided by the 2018 Farm Bill which outlines amongst many other things, the legalization of hemp.

Today, CBD oil is being marketed for its ability to help users relieve inflammation and pain while reducing anxiety and stress.

Hurdles facing CBD oil

There are numerous hurdles preventing the proliferation of CBD oil and CBD infused products. One of the major reasons for this was that certain regulations have yet to be passed for the use of CBD in dietary supplements and food products.

As of this moment, only CBD drugs used in the treatment of certain types of epilepsy have been approved. Another hurdle that CBD-infused products have faced in the past is the fact that producers of cannabis were struggling to find bankswilling to loan them money to support their business.

Even now, there are still some risks faced by banks that have been associated with the CBD industry.

What is next for CBD oil?

The next big thing in CBD oil is most likely to be greater integration into high fashion products. For instance, numerous lines of face washes, moisturizers, and masks plan to infuse cannabidols in their products.

Chocolates are another product that is bound to be the next big thing in CBD. There are already numerous companies that produce CBD infused chocolates. Pets are not left out, as there are CBD oils and biscuits that have been designed to help offer relief from pain and calm anxiety in most animals.

Many new CBD oil-infused products are currently being tested using third-party laboratories to ensure their quality assurance is met.

Misconceptions surrounding CBD oils

However, there are still numerous misconceptions customers have concerning CBD. Thatbeing said, CBD oil products have still been getting a lot more mainstream attention, leading customers to want to learn more about the benefits of CBD.

During the early days when people were selling CBD online, it was common for customers to purchase these products and discover they lacked the advertised amount of CBD. In some cases, customers actually discovered trace amounts of THC in their CBD oil.

Therefore companies that want to sell CBD have to be able to build transparency and trust among their customers. This is particularly important when customers have been burnt by dishonest companies.

It is important that businesses involved in selling CBD are able to set standards that they stick to, especially when governmental policies and regulations are at the very moment unavailable. The ultimate goal for anyone interested in selling CBD oil online is to educate prospective customers on how CBD oils can better their lives in a meaningful way.