What kind of subject is Mathematics? – Indian Context

By definition, Mathematics is the study of sciences of numbers, geometry, forms, patterns and quantities. Mathematics in the Indian education system is one of the important subjects of study, especially till primary and secondary school. This subject lays a foundation to many other fields of sciences. If one is good with numbers, chances are that he/she can have a bright future ahead. It has often been seen that people who are good with their math also possess good analytical and problem-solving skills. For many students, Mathematics is the main scoring subject in their class of education. However, on the contrary, many students still face great difficulties in understanding and learning mathematics. 

Maths subject in schools is considered the most loved and most hated subject for many students. Hence, the maths period is the most interesting or most boring hour of the day in schools, for the students. The reason for this is very diverse as it differs from student to student. One of the main reasons, students say is, it’s because of their maths teacher or tutor (both in the positive and negative sense). This is very true as it’s the teacher who introduces the subject to students, in the first place. So, the maths teachers become the first point of contact for students towards the subject. Later, it’s the lack of interest and laziness among students for not practising or working out problems at regular intervals. As a result, students lose touch with mathematics and lag behind in understanding concepts. Therefore, for these populations of students, the Mathematics subject becomes a burden in their school life.

It’s known that when problems are created the solutions are the ones to be found. Mainly for students under the CBSE board, several after-school textbooks and references are available in the market to relearn and rebuild concepts, which were missing during school hours. When it comes to CBSE maths, RD Sharma textbooks are a popular choice among students for strengthening and preparing for academic or competitive exams. The RD Sharma Solutions is a great resource for students of Class 6 to 12 as it provides clear, detailed and step by step solutions for its exercise problems. Students accessing this can greatly improve their problem-solving skills and can also clarify their doubts in solving such problems, as per their convenience since it’s available online.

In order to create a solid understanding of concepts in the higher classes, it’s essential that one is strong with fundamentals learnt from Class 6 onwards. As class 6 is the entry grade of secondary school of education, it’s important to have a good grip over the important concepts like algebra, geometry, and angles. The RD Sharma Solutions for Class 6 is also available for the ones who wish to start building a strong foundation in mathematics now.

Lastly, mathematics is an important subject one can never miss out as there are great uses and applications with it. It’s an interesting subject to learn depending on the way you treat it. Thus, taking effort to learn and understand mathematics would definitely have a substantial impact on life in the later stages.