lifehacks for oily hair

Oily scalp is not a verdict! There are super life hacks that will help to cope with this problem and not to complex at the end of the day due to dirty hair.

Yes, hairdressers in Manhattan say that you need to wash your hair as it gets dirty, but oily scalp can be cured by minimizing the amount of washing. The fact is that daily washing, especially with the water that flows from the tap in cities (bleach, salts, and other not the most useful chemical elements in its composition), greatly dries the scalp. And if you add to this not the best quality shampoo, then it will be a double kill. As a result, the skin begins to “defend itself” and intensively produce sebum in order to hydrate on its own. By the end of the day, the hair hangs like a tow. The rule of two days will help to fix this: wash your hair no more than two days later, and you will see that soon it will adapt to new conditions and begin to produce less sebum.

With your own hands (even if you just washed them), you will stain your hair, accelerating the appearance of the greasy effect. So be patient and get rid of these bad habits.

Even oily hair needs nutrition and hydration, otherwise it will lose its beauty, shine and elasticity. Just do not overdo it. Look for conditioners, masks, balms marked “For oily scalp” and you won’t be mistaken. They contain only the ingredients necessary for your hair, which do not provoke the active production of sebum. It is also recommended to use natural oils and fluids, but use them only at the ends of the strands.

Fatty, salty, fried, sweet dishes are enemies not only for your figure and skin, but also for hair. Trichologists seriously recommend minimizing the use of these products. Do not believe what works? Experiment for at least two weeks. So you lose a couple of extra pounds, unload the body, and improve the condition of the skin, well, and notice a pleasant change with the hair.

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