Top Directors of Telugu Cinema – Vamsee

Telugu cinema has had over 50 movie directors since it was established. Among the directors is NallamilliBamireddy, popularly known as Vamsee in the film production industry. Vamsee is the director of Telugu movies’ new film, RangaMaarthand, which stars Ramya Krishnan and Prakash Raj as the lead actors.

Vamsee was born in India in 1956. Before debuting as a movie director, Vamsee acted as K. Viswanath’s assistant. His debut movie was Manchupallaki, which was released in 1982, starring Rajendra Prasad, Chiranjeevi, and Suhasini.

However, the movie that brought Vamsee to the limelight was Sitara, which starred Bhanupriya in 1984. Sitara introduced Bhanupriya to the world. The film is about Sitara, who is traveling alone on a train to the city. On the train, she meets Devdas, who later offers to help her settle in the town. Devdas offers Sitara a job to work as a model. It is during their interactions that Sitara tells Devdas that she escaped from home after the murder of her lover. Later, Devdas discovers that Sitara’s lover is still alive and sets on a journey to find him.

Telugu movies new, RangaMarthanda, translates to ‘Sun of the Dias’ in English. The film is about the life of a celebrated theatre actor who is unable to forget his days in the theatre even after retirement and the tragedy that befalls him.

Other Movies Directed by Vamsee

April OkatiVidudala:

The movie stars Shobhana and Rajendra Prasad as the lead actors; Rajendra Prasad acts as Divakaram while Shobana acts as Bhuvaneshwari. The film starts with Divakaram getting late to a wedding video but notices Bhuvaneshwari at the venue and immediately falls in love with her.

Divakaram decides to find more about the girl from her maternal uncle. He finds out that Bhuvanashwari only has time for straightforward and self-sufficient men. He also discovers that Bhunavanashwari is single, and she is planning to move to the town where he stays to work at the railway’s office as a booking clerk.

The other part of the film depicts the hurdles Divakaram has to go through to capture the heart of the girl he has madly fallen in love with.


This 1985 thriller film has SarathBabu, KarthikBhanupriya, and KaikalaSatyanarayana as the main actors. The film is about a police investigator and an ornithologist who is trying to solve a series of murders in the forest. They think that the killings are committed by a tiger but soon discover that a serial killer is responsible for the killings.

The ornithologist is staying in the forest to write about birds and the music they make. However, two of his managers are killed in the forest. It is when looking for the man-eating tiger than he meets the police officer, and together they start looking for the killer.


This is a comedy film that stars SrinivasAvasarala, AllariNaresh, and Madhurima as the lead actors.

The movie’s storyline centers on two childhood friends RangaBabu who lives in India, and Srinivas, who live in the US. Srinivas visits his parents in India and finds out that they have arranged for him to marry Manimala. However, he knows nothing about this girl and decides to find out more about her.He and his friend decide to switch place where the friend takes his place and starts hanging out with the girl. The intrigues and misunderstandings that follow form the rest of the story.

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