The Best Christmas Gifts For Car Lovers

Christmas is not far off, and this is when you start to think about gifts to give, especially for car lovers. Buying something from them can be seemingly difficult because a car lover is very specific about everything they use when driving. However, you shouldn’t worry about that, since we have a list of the best Christmas gifts that car lovers may be surprised by.

Automatic Car Umbrella

The car sunshade umbrella (ร่มบังแดดแบบคลุมรถยนต์ which is the term in Thai) is a gift that the car fanatic in your life will surely appreciate, especially when the precious car is frequently parked outside. Being large enough to fit various car models, the Lanmodo Automatic Car Sunshade ensures that your car is guaranteed year-round protection. It works with remote control; it saves a lot of effort and time.

With a fiberglass frame, wind-resistant straps, and sturdy covers, the Lanmodo Car Umbrella will protect vehicles from rain, snow, dust, and dirt, keeping the vehicle in good condition. There should be no worry of it being stolen as it is equipped with an anti-theft belt with steel cords that are difficult to cut and folding car tent (เต็นท์คลุมรถพับได้ which is the term in Thai) is quite easy. In addition, the Lanmodo automatic umbrella can be used as an outdoor umbrella so that you can enjoy many activities with your family.

Smartphone Holder

With this gift item, the driver can keep an eye on the road and doesn’t have to look down for a look at navigation. The mount will stay front and center on the dash, and its grips can expand and hold a large smartphone. In addition, it also articulates, so that the phone can be used in portrait or landscape mode.

Car Cleaning Kit

While not the most exciting item on this list, a cleaning kit is a perfect gift for car enthusiasts interested in keeping their vehicles clean. Most kits contain a variety of items, including a liquid detergent, microfiber cloth, and mitts, detailing wax, and other accessories that provide a shiny, well-polished vehicle.