How To Protect Your Eyes From The Sun

The hotness of the sun can harm our eyes and our skin. We must protect this delicate part of our body from the hotness of the sun for us to enjoy its use until we are aged. In this article, we shall consider some tips to protect our eyes from the sun.

Protect your eyes from the sun with these tips

  • Sunglasses. Buy them in an authorized establishment and be advised by an expert to choose the most appropriate according to the primary use that you are going to give your glasses. Forget markets and low-cost centres to buy your sunglasses. Specialists constantly repeat that wearing non-approved glasses can be even worse than wearing nothing. In this sense, they explain that glasses that only have dark-coloured lenses without sunscreen are especially harmful. Because by decreasing the luminosity, the pupil dilates and remains unprotected against ultraviolet radiation and its consequent adverse effects on vision. This eye protection against solar radiation should begin from the earliest stages of life and encourage the use of sunglasses in children.
  • If you are a user of prescription glasses or contact lenses to correct vision problems, ask your specialist about the ones that have sunscreen in case they could be useful when you cannot wear your conventional sunglasses. On the other hand, people who wear contact lenses should remember that it is not advisable to wear them on the beach or in the pool or to submerge in the water with them. In these cases, contact lens wearers should wear prescription sunglasses.
  • Leisure and sports activities. Hiking, high mountains, diving, water sports represent greater sun exposure and, therefore, require specific protection. Those who practice these sports should not forget the sunglasses adapted to each activity. Even water sports or diving have special glasses that can be graduated so that people with refractive errors can protect their eyes from the sun without giving up good vision.
  • Mount. Choose a frame that covers the entire eye and make sure that the temples are thick enough to prevent solar radiation from seeping through the sides.
  • Hats and visors. In the days of beach, mountain or high seas it is essential to wear, in addition to sunglasses, hats with a wide brim that cast an area of ​​shadow over the eyes. It will help prevent double eyelid (ตาสองชั้น which is the term in Thai)