Improving Your Kids’ Reading with Technology

With new technologies, leisure and fun options are multiplying for the little ones, who find colorful and interactive entertainment on the computer and leave more traditional options, such as reading, in the background. However, ICT can also become your allies and serve to bring your children closer to books. To achieve this, we give you some ideas.

The advantages of reading are well known: it improves vocabulary, diversifies knowledge of the world, fosters imagination and offers entertainment. But some children are not just fond of reading and, although it is not recommended that you force your child to read, you can put into practice some strategies to help him discover the magic of reading. And what better way than to do it through technology, something that catches your attention spontaneously, which is easier than teaching children English (สอน ภาษา อังกฤษ เด็ก which is the term in Thai).

Tips For Making Your Child Read More With Technology

  • First, read well. Young children are sometimes reluctant to read because words are difficult for them to assimilate, they are not fluent in literacy, or they do not understand what they read well. These video stories work on these skills, as they can be heard while the texts are marked on the screen, and include final questions to check that the child has understood the story.
  • A change in format and support. Although the paper has its charm, for digital natives reading on a screen is natural and sometimes more attractive.
  • You can also read on the Internet. The Internet can be a great source of readings, on the most diverse topics. It is not necessary to read a big book, and the youngest can get hooked on the letters on the screen, finding blogs or websites about what interests them, be it sports, music or nature. They can find them using a fast search engine such as Child Finder, or you can also make a selection yourself and show them under your supervision.
  • Share the hobby. Commenting on a book can be as fun as reading it, so adding a social component can make reading more attractive. There are social networks dedicated to books, which allow you to leave opinions and comments and discover the recommendations of other users.