How is Self-Storage Industry Doing?

The need for self-storage centers will likely expand as more individuals are aiming to keep individual things outside the residence.

A self-storage is a place where space for storage is taken in rent, mainly small companies and individuals. Though such room need in Thailand is still fairly tiny at this moment, it is growing in line with urbanization, public awareness, and growing small businesses.

In Thailand, self-storage industry is relatively fragmented, with only a handful of little, self-owned providers operating largely Bangkok’s residential areas as well as key resort destinations such as Pattaya as well as Phuket.

As self-storage is a brand-new notion and stays fairly unidentified to numerous Thais, it serves the niche clients with most of the customers being expats

The majority of storage in Bangkok supply 24-hour keycard access, CCTV security as well as on-site guards.

Cost of Self-Storage in Thailand

Due to reduced competition, rental rates for self-storage centers in Thailand are relatively high, 1,500 to 2,500 baht each month, for storage in Bangkok of 1.5 square meters to 4 sqm each.

Such high rental rates, combined with a lack of public understanding, stand for a significant barrier to their appeal. However, in the long-term, structural variables are expected to drive additional development in Thailand’s self-storage market.

As Thailand ends up being progressively urbanized and domestic system dimensions continue to reduce, the need for extra storage areas will only expand. Numerous Thais are seeking to keep personal products such as unused furnishings, sporting activities equipment, and other belongings outside the house.

With the growing demand for secure, trusted as well as convenient self-storage centers, operators will have the ability to establish units of economy-of-scale sizes, making them extra inexpensive.

Urbanization is a vital vehicle driver for self-storage. Growing metropolitan populaces suggest smaller and increasingly pricey living spaces in cities.