Cleopatra’s Beauty Secrets: Three Daily Routines to Be Mesmerizing Like the Queen of Kings

If people all around the world were to vote who they think is the most beautiful woman ever, Queen Cleopatra would highly likely top that list. She’d even make it to Time’s Most Influential Women of All Time. We might even have one of the months of the year named in honor of the Queen of Egypt.

First, Julius Caesar, the Roman general who guided Rome to be an Eternal City, fell for her charms and gave her a son, Caesarion. Second, Augustus Caesar, the adopted son of Julius and the first emperor of Rome, indirectly caused the untimely death of the beautiful Egyptian ruler. To note, both men are well represented in today’s calendar as July and August respectively.

So what made Cleopatra beautiful? Perhaps she was a demi-god who visited Earth in human form. We’re sure that she had some unique traits that made her beauty irresistible even to the greatest of men. We may never really fathom her intricate nature. But one thing is for certain: history has given us a glimpse of her beauty secrets in her daily routine. Given that, we might have a fair chance of walking like the “Egyptian goddess of beauty.”

Sleep Well 

You might never be able to know the secret of beauty as much as one who makes today’s top celebrities shine on the red carpet. And none may come as experienced and as in demand as Joanna Vargas. A much-sought-after celebrity facialist, Joanna has worked with just about every Hollywood A-lister out there, giving them that “right glow” when they need it most. For instance, her hands have worked their wonders on Naomi Watts and Rachel Weisz.

In an interview to spill her secrets on who has the most beautiful skin in Hollywood, Joanna indeed revealed some of her jaw-dropping beauty skills. She confided that by simply looking at the face of a lady client, she can assess if that client had her fair share of exercise and a good diet.

She can even tell you which side of the face you’re sleeping on as that side will look “puffier.” And this is when she brought up Cleopatra, saying, “You’re blocking your lymphatic system, so as you get older, you get puffier on one side of your face. Obviously it’s better to sleep like Cleopatra, but that’s not always realistic.”

So that’s it. Sleeping properly was one of the famous Queen of Egypt’s beauty secrets. Well, we might never really be able to see how the ruler got her z’s, whether it be on the left cheek or the right. But she must have pointed us in the right direction.

Science shows that during sleep, the body repairs itself. We let our muscles recuperate, and sleep also helps our epidermis regenerate. Our skin’s blood flow picks up while we sleep. Furthermore, sleep is when our biggest organ repairs itself from harmful toxins.

So the next time you’re prepping for a date, know that spending the night before sleepless is a big gamble. That’s assuming that you want to put your best foot forward.

Choose Natural

With so much emphasis on synthetic materials these days, it’s hard to see the beauty behind organic materials. But not if Queen Cleopatra can’t help it.

It’s true. Ancient Egypt is about 5,000 years ago, but the Egyptians already had beauty rituals then. What sets Cleopatra apart from everyone else is that her beauty regimen included products found in nature. For instance, she made the most out of Dead Sea salt, allowing her skin to replenish lost essential minerals.

Then there were her milk baths. These could be the most controversial in her beauty regimen. Before you fill up your bathtub with all the warm milk you can find, know that lactic acid in milk can indeed rejuvenate and exfoliate the skin.

Of course, it’s always best to consult a professional when gunning for mind-blowing results. Skin care given by expert hands puts your skin in the best light without putting your health in harm’s way.

Read Every Day

Of all the beauty regimens, educating yourself may sound far-off. However, you are not reading any misprint here. Having an astute mind can really put your beauty in the spotlight.

Again, we can take a page from the Queen of Kings herself. She swept Julius Caesar’s heart away by presenting herself in a bedroll. And that was a very calculated move to win someone, showing how much brains the royal blood had. The Roman general was enamored by her wit and intelligence. To note, she could even speak many languages fluently, as she had been schooled when she’d been young like most princesses in the Ptolemaic dynasty. And yet, you don’t need to go to college to learn and be wise.

It’s no secret that Queen Cleopatra’s beauty has transcended time. It reminds us that the essential things needed to make us as beautiful as we want to be can be right in front of us. All we have to do is to make them part of our daily routines.

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