Does Your Vape Turns Burnt, Unpleasant – Know The Reasons Behind It

People who vape CBD know well that after few puffs, a bitter unpleasant portion comes out. In this article, you will learn when the tank becomes dry, when the mod turns into an improper power, reasons for vape tasting burnt, and a few ways to prevent it.

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Reasons for vape turning bitter

Chain vaping is one of the reasons for vape tasting burnt. Taking more hits without a gap may burn the coil, even the new one. Chain vaping will not let the wick take in the vape juice after a puff. Due to this, the cord becomes dry and burns.

How can you stop chain vaping?

To stop taking continuous hits, practice taking at least 30 seconds of gap between each puff. Ex-smokers or vapers will take short hits similar to tobacco to reduce their thirsts. In such a case, you can try a high nicotine concentration e-juice to soothe your nicotine. These e-juices will give you mollifying hit, which you desire. Also, you can carry e-pens for gentle puffs and avoid temptation.

How can you prevent burnt flavor in a vape?

Sometimes, vapers come across problems like burnt vape taste after two or more puffs. Few people think it is due to a problem with the coil. In most cases, using a not primed coil will taste burnt, even if it is new. Priming a coil is essential to make the coil ready. otherwise, the wick becomes dry and affects the taste.

Tips for coil priming

Priming a coil is an easy, simple process. Before starting the process, make sure whether the coil goes well with the gadget or not. Also, check the wattage limit based on the instructions given on the coil. To enjoy safe vaping, don’t exceed the limit. The following are a few steps that help you in priming a coil. They include:

  • Soak the wick before keeping it in the tank.
  • Vape at the right wattage as it helps to get the best out of the gadget
  • Each coil will have 2 input holes – one at one of the sides and the other at the top
  • Check the wick – located at the opening
  • Place 3 drops of liquid within the hole and cease it when it rises till the gap. Once the holes are soaked, allow the coil to rest for few minutes.

Vaping at a high temperature not only damages the coil but also makes the e-juice vaporize faster too. So, maintain an average temperature when you vape. Avoid raising the power so high, even if you like to have longer hits.

E-liquids with high VG are stiffer and denser. These liquids can spoil the e-cigs and burn easily, which gives a bitter taste. So, it is ideal to choose vape juices with low VG, less than 70%.

To prevent the bitter taste and enjoy your vaping experience, choose high-quality e-cigs and vape juices. Choose a reputed online store that offers reliable CBD products and order them today.