“Penis Envy Shrooms” A medicinal therapy

Penis envy shroomsis a term used to describe a type of shroom that is an enlightenment tool for most people nowadays. It not just causes a light feeling but also alters the bad day or mood to a fresh mind.

PsilocybeCubensis is another name for the penis envy shrooms, which signifies it contains the active component psilocybin. It gives the person a trippy mood. It acts as a mediator to solve people’sproblems.

Magic mushrooms, gold caps, and other names have been given to it. It belongs to the fungus family.

What is the Penis envy shroom’s background?

In the mid-1980s, a magical fungus was discovered in Florida. The term itself denotes that it was discovered in a penis-type shape with a similar thickness and pattern, which resembles the fungus PsilocybeCubensis.

What is the mechanism behind this?

The penis envy shroomsoperate on the same concept as the golden teacher mushroom, in that the product’s goal is psilocybin in the individual’s body, metabolism, brain chemistry, and physical size.It generates “mushroom yawns,” which raise the peak of psilocybin in the person’s body, making the body more energized and removing weariness.

What are the mushroom’s effects?

Penis envy shroomsoffer a wide range of effects, ranging from moderate to strong psychedelic effects, making them ideal for those who are new to mushrooms. They’re also recognized for having shamanistic qualities, or what we call a tripping effect.

People strive to connect with the purity of nature without any difficulties in the existing mind when they consume the mushroom and experience the sensation of enlightenment.

What are the many methods for obtaining penis envy shrooms?

The mushroom is taken in the form of microdose capsules. You may make this by just grinding the mushroom. It’s a simple procedure.

The mushroom may be consumed by simply pouring pure lemon juice into a glass containing ground fungus. As the psilocybin is broken down by the lemon, this method creates a more spiritual journey.

Individuals can also consume lemon candy as an alternative to drinking entire lemon juice.

People may mix the mushrooms in with the tea bag to produce a delicious drink.

Some individuals take it straight for quick results in under 45 minutes.

What are the penis envy shroom’s alternatives?

  • Shrooms with a Blue Tongue
  • Shrooms from Mexico
  • Shrooms from Panama
  • Cherry sweets from MazatapacCubensis

What is the technique for ingesting Penis Envy shrooms?

First of all, the product need to be unpacked after it arrives at the billing address, then before taking it one should eat a good amount of the food. After up taking the food then take the product. Its effect is seen after 45 minutes of meal up taking.

What is the recommended penis envy shrooms dosage?

With the aid of Erowid’s Dose Calculator, one may accurately determine the dosage of the product. Otherwise, it is suggested that people consume 1-1.25 grams at the very least to see the results on their bodies.

Also, the dose concentration of penis envy shrooms is determined by people’s appetites, or how much trip or enlightenment they desire in a day to feel better and enjoy life.