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The story begins with a cute little girl Amrutha living at mother Teresa orphanage informed that some special person is coming to visit her the next day. She was very excited for the surprise. On the other side few police officers cracked a container of pure concealed cocaine of 900 kilograms worth of 800 crores, a biggest drug bust.

The antagonist com drug dealer Amar deals with Stephen Raj(HareeshPeradi). Stephen, a zonal director of narcotics division threatened a police officer for information over drugs. As per the plan all police officers are drugged and become unconscious. The drug peddlers get to know the place of drugs. Dilli(Karthi) who was released from the prison and was about to meet his daughter Amritha for the first time, lugs to the dispute of police officers and drug peddlers. How did Karthi overcome the consequences ? Did he meet his daughter Amritha? What was the exact plan of the drug traffickers?


  1. Karthi is one of the major highlights of the movie, his look has a rigid lorry driver and is up to perfection. People see the character Dilli instead of Karthi. That’s the level of perfection Karthi showed in the movie.
  2. The cast of the movie is neither major add on to the movie though they have very short screen time marked their impact.
  3. Naren as a senior police officer has acted very well and shared the entire screen space along with Karthi.
  4. Napoleon’s Maryan character played by George has turned out to be instant hits the climax scene along with Karthi is quite excited.
  5. Arjun Dass who played the antagonist role as drug trafficker was so apt and raises the heat in the movie.
  6. LokeshKanagaraj showed exceptional directional skills directing this incident based story which happens over night. The screenplay of the movie was so racing which made the audience without missing a single frame.

Technical Aspects

Genre: Thriller

Duration: 150mins

Language: Telugu

Format: (streaming online video)

Where to Watch online: Aha OTT

Production values: Elevated

Background music: Extra ordinary

Cinematography: Spectacular


Khaidi is one of the excellent action thrillers where the audience are deeply connected to each and every scene. The first 10 mins reveal the plot with all the main characters and set the audience mood to experience a racy action thriller. Casts play a vital role for an action flick and Kaithi had the perfect cast to elevate the film to the next level.

Cast and crew


Producer- S.R Prabhu, S.R Prakashbabu


Actress- NA

Other characters-Narain, Dheena, George Maryan, Arjun das, Ramana, Harish uthaman, Black sheep Deepthi, Malavika

Music director- Sam C.S

Release date- 25th October 2019


DoubtlesslyUndoubtedlyKhaidi is a blockbuster with no song,songs and no heroine but , perfect thriller. Worth watching..!

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