What To Remember When Setting Up Turkey Decoys

Even when you have bought the best accessories and decoys from your go-to online hunting store, hunting wild turkeys is still quite the challenge. After all, they are known for their extraordinary vision and great “memory” — they can recognize a hunter’s call if he or she uses the same one over and over.

So, the question now is, how do you successfully hunt them down? A big part of the solution lies in properly setting up turkey decoys.

Types of Turkey Decoys

There are different types of decoy available in the market.

Jake turkey decoy. If you do not want to intimidate the turkeys you want to hunt, this decoy is the most helpful. Biologically, jakes are male turkeys ripe for breeding hens.

Tom turkey decoy. This decoy is perfect if you want to attract mature and dominant toms. It comes in different designs and styles — from simple turkey fan decoys to full-strutting ones.

Hen turkey decoy. Perfect for turkey hunting during spring, hen decoys come in different postures (e.g. Standing, breeding, feeding). These decoys are perfect to attract both toms and jakes.

Turkey Hunting Strategies You Can Try

Now that you have the basics of turkey decoy collection (which you can get from a reliable online hunting store), you now have to strategize on how to use them effectively. Here are some time-tested strategies you can try.

Feeding. Got a field or a food plot near your blind? The simplest and less intimidating set-up you can do is this one. Set up one or two hen decoys and complete it with a jake decoy looking away.

Fighting. If you’re keen on catching aggressive turkeys, mastering this set-up is a must. Let a jake and a tom turkey decoy stand off against each other as if they’re about to fight. Make the narrative more appealing by placing upright hen decoys spectating the fight.

Breeding. Another way to lure in an aggressive one is by setting up hen and jake decoys to look as though they’re mating. Be sure that the decoys face where your target turkey will be approaching.

Walking harlem. Turkeys go in flock, so if you want to successfully gain their attention, it is best to set up your decoys like they’re a group leaving a food plot or heading towards the forest.

Tips to Remember

If you want to be a reputable turkey hunter, you need to know these tips by heart!

Use season-appropriate decoys. The decoys you bought from an online hunting store must be used with cleverness. A jake-and-hen combination works best during the first few weeks of the turkey season.

Make everything look as natural as possible. Turkey hunting is all about hyperrealism. You need to create a set-up that looks and feels as natural as possible. For instance, you have to research and make sure that your decoys have natural-looking postures.

Distance is an all-important part of the hunting game. Shotgun hunters typically distance themselves from the decoys at about 20 yards. It’s 10 yards for bowhunters. Plus, your weapon must have to be top-grade otherwise you will keep on firing loose shots. For weapons, all types of guns, and to buy complete AR-15 rifles, get in touch with Palmetto State Armory today.

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