Reasons To Wear Organic T-Shirts

Barely 1% of global t-shirt production is eco-friendly, according to figures from the Textile Exchange. A fairly low percentage if it is to create an ecological culture. However, it is a start, and at least the textile industry has moved closer to materials that do less harm to the environment. If you want to know a little more about these new methods, accompany Personalized T-shirts to take a tour of the reasons to wear organic t-shirts.

Lower Environmental Impact

When we produce a shirt (ผลิตเสื้อเชิ้ต which is the term in Thai), we try to reduce the pollution index that is generated by manufacturing these pieces with regular materials. The large amount of fertilizers and pesticides used for the cultivation of the raw material is what most affects both the environment and farmers, due to their continuous exposure to them.

For this reason, organic farming was looked for to reduce contamination, eliminating the use of toxic substances during cultivation and improving techniques for treating soils. This is then the first of our reasons to wear organic t-shirts.

There are several types of ecological shirts. The most common are made from organic cotton for which, during cultivation, no chemical products are used. Recycled cotton is another option. In this case, the fabrics are separated from the garments and converted into threads that are reused.

Healthier For Man

Being more respectful with the environment, the ecological agriculture with which these organic materials are obtained is also more friendly to humans. First, it improves the working conditions of land workers by being less exposed to chemicals, as mentioned above.

Land cultivated with regular methods requires a transition period of at least 3 years without chemicals before being organically worked. There are companies that during that time pay the farmers so that they can sustain themselves. This is one of the reasons why products of this type are expensive.

But not only they are benefited, those of us who are accustomed to wearing T-shirts are also benefited since there is less exposure of chemicals with the skin. In addition, the next generations will inherit a healthier planet as they increase the application of more environmentally friendly methods.