Best Way To Market Your Mobile App

Effective marketing of mobile app involves making continuous improvement by analyzing their in-app behavior so as to allow the movement of users through the acquisition funnel, it also defines a target audience, allows you communicate with the audience and help you reach them. From the first time a user learn about this product till the time they become a loyal user, the mobile app marketing covers their interaction.

To Create mobile app (สร้าง แอ พ มือ ถือ which is the word in Thai) marketing strategy should be aimed at getting users that will be for the product,  loyal advocates and not repeat engagement only. If users don’t know about the existence of your mobile app, then it is useless developing and building an app.

Before launching a product, you need to create awareness for your mobile app marketing strategy which builds your product visibility and brand awareness. To market your mobile app effectively, here’s what you should know/do;


Understand Your Customers By Conducting A Market Research

Not doing market research properly is one of pre-launch common mistakes. Your products will simply not be unsuccessful if your app must addresses a pain-point that already has a solution thriving app in the market or doesn’t address a user pain-point.

You need to point out your specific app category which is the key players before you can start up any development work. Therefore, the level of you effort and how good your marketing skills are is not what really matters.

Create A Landing Page

The number one source of app installs is mobile websites. Making a teaser videos for your product or creating a pre-launch landing page makes your products standard. Showcasing a five-star review on your created sites is also very beneficial.

Note: After creating a website, stay your contact with your followers by collecting there email address so as to let them know when the app will be launched.