How to decide the value of your antique dolls

For centuries, adults have found dolls as a way to reconnect with the intimacy of their childhood. A number of the most beautiful, realistic, and detailed dolls have been crafted over occasion, allowing collectors to immerse themselves in their exciting stories. Have you ever wondered how much is your old doll worth? Here is a guide prepared by our expert custom bobbleheads to determine the value of these fabulous toys.


The primary factor to think is the aesthetic appeal of your antique doll. In your opinion, does this doll have its place in a collection? Although the attractiveness of an object is obviously an objective characteristic, there are certain real elements contributing to the craze that a doll can cause.

The quality of the mold, for example and the skill of the painter who decorated the doll will affect the quality of a doll and, therefore, its value. The realistic colors, the uniformly painted eyebrows, and lips contribute greatly to the aesthetic qualities of a model, while eyes that are not exactly adjusted will give her a particular look.


The markings give added value to the dolls. This is all the additional truth if the aesthetics and the state of conservation of the toy are also interesting. In general, you can read these markings on the back of the head or on the shoulder.

Armand Marseille

Petit Collin

The original parts

Before even thinking of selling your antique doll, take the time to observe it carefully. Is it complete? For example, if the doll originally produced sounds and it still does, then it will be much more valuable, of course.

Among the dolls found today, many are made up of several parts from different old models. A completely original doll only has the original parts, including hair and clothes, which is relatively rare. An original bobbleheads doll dressed in old clothes from another doll may still have value. But as you can see, this doll originally made by Simon & Halbig and whose head is a Kämmer & Reinhardt sold at a much lower price than a 100% original model.


As with any old object, the condition is a key characteristic in the eyes of collectors: no one is looking for a doll that has lived too long. Models in nearly new conditions are, however, very rare, so do not be disappointed if your doll has some faults. What is true for other antiques and old objects also applies to old dolls: the better their condition, the more likely they end up at a good price during online auctions.