Innovative Laptops

The replacement of laptops is fast. New laptops will be produced at the annual conference of major brands. High-tech innovation has brought many functions to the laptop industry. The function is becoming more and more perfect.

The laptops produced by HONOR in recent years are well recognized by the market. MagicBook 15 is one of the laptops worthy of praise. In the past, the laptop power supply and fingerprints were separated. Starting from the 2018 model, this series is equipped with a combination of fingerprint and login functions.

Interconnection between mobile phones and computers was impossible before thinking about it. It has become a reality on this computer. It is loved by consumers. It strengthened the determination of HONOR laptops to continue to innovate.

Mobile phones and PCs are interconnected. Magic-link provides a connection method for HONOR laptops and mobile phones. At the same time, multi-screen collaboration is convenient.

It can transfer files between mobile phones and computers. It can use the mouse to process mobile phone information. With multi-screen collaboration, users do not need to switch between the two screens. They need to complete two tasks on one screen. This kind of efficient collaboration realizes the two-in-one mobile phone and PC. It breaks the technical barriers between different devices. You can open small windows on the computer screen while playing games and watching movies. You can use the mouse to operate the phone’s incoming calls, takeaways, messages, and other tasks.

This laptop is not a gaming laptop. But it is equipped with a performance mode switch button for a lightweight online game experience. You can press FN and P to switch between performance mode and balance mode. For users who like games, it is friendly, with both office and games.

The 2020 version of this laptop is rich in customization options. Although win10 comes with eye protection mode, the adjustment options are scarce. The 2020 version has a built-in display management. It can even adjust the color temperature like a mobile phone. They have the German Rheinland low blue light approval and the German Rheinland non-flicker approval.

The HONOR MagicBook 15 Ryzen Edition inherits the excellent workmanship of the previous two generations. The whole body is made of up to 90% of the metal material. The upgraded Ryzen 4000 series processor technology and architecture show special performance.

The design of the hidden camera provides more choices for the ultra-narrow screen. It improves the visual texture of the screen view. If you are a newcomer in the workplace, this laptop will be the best choice.