How To See Samsung IMEI

Once you know what the IMEI means, you may wonder where I find the IMEI code or how do I consult it? Here we are going to teach you how to see Samsung IMEI quickly and easily.

In this way, when you are about to buy a new or used phone, you can verify the Samsung IMEI to know its origin by merely entering this code in one of the available search engines. Checking this number can help you when you want to know how to unlock a Samsung phone.

In Your Phone Case

On the side of your gearbox you will find a sticker with a barcode on it. Below this, you will find the 15 digits of the IMEI code.

  • Through the “Settings” menu
  • query IMEI Samsung
  • Click on “Menu” on the home screen of your cell phone.
  • Go to “Settings.”
  • Scroll to “About device” and access with one tap.
  • Click on “Status.”
  • Click on “IMEI Information.”

You can see the IMEI code for your device at the top of the window.

Dial the code * # 06 # in the “Telephone” application

On The Back Of The Phone

You can also find the Samsung IMEI on the back of the terminal. Information about the device is written in the lower area, including the IMEI.

If this solution does not give you a positive result with the incident that occurs, Samsung has its Contact Center available, which according to each country, has an assigned number where you can consult with a specialist or be directed to contact service centers for the solution of the problem that arises.

See Samsung Mobile IMEI

In the world, there are thousands of telephone operators that keep track of the mobiles located within the blacklist, which were stolen even in countries other than those in which they operate.

It is good to remember that the GSMA created the mobile phone standard in 1982.

By 2015, 10,000 million lines were exceeded worldwide. However, not all countries are part of the global agreements.

Then viewing Mobile IMEI Samsung allows you, in a hypothetical case, to have the code of your equipment and to be part of the GSMA IMEI Database, a common database for cellular devices.

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