Improve Your Sleep Performance With These Tips

Medical professionals across the world stand by the fact that quality sleep is critical in maintaining a healthy body and mind. Poor sleep performance can slow down your body physically as well mentally. In fact, many people mistakenly attribute the slow down to the aging process. Medical experts agree that sleeping on a quality mattress from top mattress manufacturers like Wakefit is a great way to make sure that your sleep performance improves drastically. Once you start getting a good night’s sleep each night, you will be able to see a noticeable difference in your productivity and functional levels the following day. Here are a few more tips to help you enhance your sleep quality without sacrificing your productivity:

  • No Screen Time Before Bedtime

Electronic devices like laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. have the ability to stimulate your brain and keep you awake for longer periods of time. Electronic devices emit a blue light which prevents your brain from going into sleep mode.  If you are in the habit of using your electronic devices before you go to bed, now is a great time to stop. You need to keep your electronic devices out of reach at least two to three hours before you got to bed.

  • Beds Are For Sleeping

Reserving your bed only for sleeping is another way to improve your sleep performance. Many people often use their bed for various other activities like eating, watching TV, paying bills, and so on. By allocating your bed to be used only for going to sleep, you allow your brain to associate only sleep with the bed, thereby allowing you to fall asleep faster each night. The next time you are tempted to eat or do any other activity besides sleeping while in bed, walk over to your dining table or living room.

  • Optimal Sleep Temperature

In order to allow your body to sleep comfortably, the optimal room temperature is said to be between 65 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit according to medical experts. When you start falling asleep, your body temperature drops naturally. So when the room temperature is cool, your body is able to achieve a lower temperature faster, enabling you to fall asleep faster than usual. A warm room tends to keep you up longer and interfere with the quality of sleep you get.

  • Say Goodbye To Stress

Anxiety and stress play a crucial role in keeping people up for most of the night. This is why the experts at “The Better Sleep Council” advice people to indulge in de-stressing activities like listening to soothing music, thinking about something pleasant and so on, before you got to bed. If you have too many problems on your mind, which are preventing you from falling asleep, you can also try writing down these problems on a piece of paper. This activity is referred to as a mind dump and is quite useful in alleviating some of the stress and anxiety that you are experiencing.

  • Indulge In Quality Mattresses

Many people make the mistake of trying to save money while buying a new mattress. A quality mattress is worth every penny, as it allows your body to find a comfortable sleeping position and provide it ample support at the same time.  A top quality mattress also prevents pressure points from forming and helps keep joint pains and body aches at bay. The market is flooded with different kinds of mattresses that cater to different customer requirements. You can even try out a mattress for a trial period before deciding whether it improves your sleep performance or not. With mattress companies offering quality mattresses at affordable prices, you need not worry about emptying out your wallet anymore.