Butt exercises for men and women using Anabolic Steroids

It’s no secret that beautiful ladies feet have been appreciated at all times. According to

It’s no secret that beautiful ladies feet have been appreciated at Dopingteam.com. According to modern men, beautiful female buttocks deserve no less attention. But, unfortunately, few of the fairer sex know how to make a butt seductive round shape.

However, today there is a mass of a wide variety of exercises that will help to cope with this problem. Here we, in turn, pay attention to the complex of the most effective exercises for the hips and buttocks, which in a relatively short time will make them elastic, fit and sexy.

So where do you start? First of all, you need to learn how to perform one of the most effective bodybuilding exercises – these are deep squats with a barbell. It is necessary to squat in such a way that the calves “imprinted” in the biceps of the thighs, and the priest almost comes into contact with the heels. But because of the structural features of the skeleton, not every woman will be able to do this exercise. If such exercises are difficult for you, then you can use an easier solution to this problem – table tennis. Since the game of ping pong is perhaps one of the most effective ways to create perfect shapes of the buttocks and thighs. Perhaps in order to give them a beautiful shape it will take more time than special exercises, but the result will not be long in coming — after a short period of time, the result will be noticeable even with the naked eye. All movements, dynamics and speed that we produce in tennis, effectively work out the waist, lumbar region and buttocks. And most importantly – during these classes, you will not build muscle, as when performing certain specific special exercises, but simply train them, making them elastic and toned.

Butt Augmentation Exercises

At home, even shapeless and saggy buttocks can be made attractive, without grueling exercises or going to the gym. The main thing is to properly activate your muscles, as in some women they are activated correctly, while in others – not. It is because of this that the same tasks, exercises for different people can produce a different effect. So the person is arranged that buttocks consist of 3 layers of muscles. Therefore, in order to pump the buttocks at home, it is necessary to work out each layer.

To strengthen the gluteus maximus muscle, the exercise with the legs back is best suited, while the exercise with the legs back to the side perfectly trains the middle and small gluteal muscles. Buttocks and hips – one of the most problematic areas of the female body, since it is here that the most stored fat reserves. To lose extra pounds, and at the same time pump up the buttocks will help the following exercises for the buttocks and thighs.

Below we list a few simple but effective exercises for beautiful, firm buttocks:

  • “Penguin” is an exercise that perfectly works out the muscles of the inner thigh. Sit on the edge of the chair and place a ball between your knees and squeeze it for 30 seconds.
  • “Lazy” is the most effective exercise in order to increase the buttocks. Lie down on the floor, with your legs bent at the knees, and with your feet lean against the wall and begin to walk: first two times up, then two times down. At the same time, tear your buttocks in two doses from the floor.
  • Recall that before you start training, be sure to pull the Achilles tendons, it would also be nice to pull the other muscles and do warm-up aerobic exercises. It is necessary to pull the calf muscles as follows: squat to the full foot, while tilting the body forward. The following exercise can be performed standing either on the threshold or on any other hill, for example, a stand about 15 cm high. Standing in this position, pull the heels down. To stretch better, try to tilt the body forward. Exercises for the buttocks from a standing position are always recommended to be performed without jerking, measuredly, feeling the work of their muscles.
  • “Swing backwards” – an exercise that tightens the gluteus maximus muscle, i.e. bottom of the priests. You need to perform this exercise standing facing the chair and leaning on it with your hands. The back should be straight. Take your right leg back up, try to raise your thigh higher. Do not rotate or tilt the housing. Lower your foot in the original exercise. It is important to try to do the swings precisely due to the gluteal muscles. Performing the exercise, do not chase high amplitude, it is effective even with a low leg lift. 30 max each leg.
  • “Swing to the side” exercise perfectly strengthens not only the butt, but also the inner surface of the thigh. Stand straight and turn to the support sideways. It may be the wall or back of the chair (to whom it is more convenient). Lean on the support with your left hand, keeping your right leg straight and lift it to the right, trying to keep it in line with the body and the second leg. Do not bend your knee and try not to tilt the body. Feet should be raised to the same level as you can, and then lower it back. 30 max each leg.
  • “Swing forward” – helps to strengthen additional muscles around the knee. We lean on the chair with our hand and raise the leg forward, we keep it as straight as possible. 25 reps

Squats are the best exercises for the buttocks and hips. We place our legs wide apart, while the chest is spread out, we stretch our arms forward, and take our shoulders back. We bend our legs, push the pelvis back, as if we were going to sit on a chair. Slightly move the upper part of the body forward, aligning the legs. Keep your back as straight as possible. Make sure that the buttocks do not fall lower than the knees, which when squatting should not protrude beyond the toes. When squatting, the weight should be on the heels, so do not tear them off the floor. When standing up, tighten your buttocks, and squat slowly.

“Lunges back and forth” – this is an effective exercise, there are 3 options:

  • 1. Turn sideways and spread your legs: one back, the other forward. Slowly and shallowly squat, make sure that the knee of the hind leg practically touches the ground. But at the same time, she must stand on her toes. It is important that the knee of the leg, which is set forward, does not extend beyond the line of the fingers.
  • 2. Lunge back. All the weight is on the left foot, while the right one takes a step back, while the toe is extended, and the body is straight and the chest is straightened. We squat in the same way as in the previous version of the exercise, return to the starting position. For each leg, do 25-30 repetitions.
  • 3. Lunge forward. Like the previous version, only a step is now being taken forward.

Butt exercises for lying down:

“Half bridge”. In this exercise, for the most part, large sciatic-popliteal muscles and gluteal muscles are involved. Lie on your back, bend your legs and place your feet on the floor. Put your hands under your head or along your body. Raise your pelvis while tearing your lower back and back off the floor until your upper body is almost in line with the front of your thigh. Then we return to the starting position. In this case, the support should be on the legs and shoulders. Performing the exercise you need to strain the gluteal muscles. Perform 30 times. To complicate the exercise, you can straighten one leg and raise the pelvis with a raised leg – the number of 25 times on each leg.

Change lifestyle

In order to keep your hips and buttocks always (and not just during training) in good shape, you need to do some kind of outdoor sport: cycling, running, tennis, skipping rope or just diversify your workouts by running, for example, on the stairs. Review your diet – half of your success depends on it. Constantly train, after a week there will be no result, for this you need to wait at least a month. Try and you will be satisfied with your result.

Have a good workout!