Five Ways to Use Marijuana Without Having to Smoke

Marijuana, also known as cannabis or weed, is a plant and psychoactive drug. It has been proven to provide several benefits. Studies have shown that the use of marijuana has helped people with anxiety, epilepsy, and those suffering from chronic pain.

As of this year, medical marijuana is legal in 29 states while the recreational use of marijuana is legal in only 9. A study from 2018 shows that the use of marijuana has been increasing daily since 2007. Due to the pandemic, there has been an increase in cases of anxiety and other mental health issues. Now more than ever, the need for both medical and recreational uses of marijuana has risen. The sales in marijuana have also risen by 30-60% since the start of the pandemic.

The science of Marijuana

Marijuana has many types or “strains”. The three main species types of marijuana are Indica, Ruderalis, and Sativa. However, there are hundreds of hybrid strains of marijuana. Each strain serves a different purpose and has different effects on people.

There are two main chemicals found in the marijuana plant: Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Both CBD and THC have the same chemical formula, but each affects the body differently. THC is mainly responsible for the mind-altering effects of marijuana. Most people use THC for the pleasure of being high. On the other hand, CBD doesn’t give people the same psychological effects as THC, people mainly use CBD for its medical purposes.

How to use Marijuana without smoking

Traditionally, marijuana is consumed by smoking. But nowadays people are getting more creative in how they use marijuana. If you are someone who is afraid of the risks of smoking or is unable to smoke due to respiratory issues, no worries. There are other ways to use marijuana that don’t require you to smoke, vape, or inhale it.

Here are five ways to use marijuana without having to inhale it in any way:

  1. Capsules or Pills

These pills are taken like any other vitamin, but the benefits are so much more than your ordinary vitamin. News of neuroscientists in the U.S.A. has proven that taking cannabis pills is much more effective than smoking when it comes to relieving pain and for longer periods as well. If you only plan to take the pills for their pain-relieving effects and not for the “high”, you should take Cannabidiol pills instead of THC pills.

  1. Oils

Cannabis oil is extracted with a solvent to create an oil. It can be used in a wide variety of ways. This is actually what is present inside a cannabis pill. However, you can use the oils directly. You can consume it orally or place it on your skin. But, you can also add this to your food or mix it into your drinks. Cannabis oils are more potent than other forms of cannabis mentioned here.

  1. Tinctures or Drops

Tinctures or sublingual drops, unlike oils, are extracted with alcohol to become a liquid and are very easy to use. To use a tincture, you simply take the dropper that comes with the bottle, lift your tongue, and drop the solution under your tongue. That’s right, under your tongue, because that is where your sublingual gland is hidden.

By dropping the solution under your tongue it gets absorbed more quickly. The solution goes through the sublingual gland and into the sublingual artery. This is why tinctures act faster. The solution goes straight into your bloodstream. Unlike the pill, which goes into your digestive tract. Things that pass through the digestive tract takes longer to take effect. However, it does last longer as well.

  1. Topicals

Topicals mean creams, lotions, body balms, or oils that are absorbed through the skin. This way of using marijuana will not get you high. Topicals are mainly used to provide pain relief.

  1. Edibles

Edibles are food or drinks infused with marijuana. There are candies, chocolates, baked goods, pizzas all infused with marijuana. Over the pandemic, edibles have been one of the most in-demand marijuana products. The New York Times article said that it was most probably due to being stuck at home with family and not wanting to smoke or vape around them.

Edibles can be used for both recreational and medical purposes. You can even create your own ‘edibles’ at home by adding cannabis oils to your food. Although edibles take longer to take effect, it sure does last longer.

Know that whenever you use any form of drugs — even those that are approved by the FDA — there are still some risks. Remember to do thorough research before trying anything new. You can always talk to your doctor if you are unsure of which type of marijuana works best for you. If you’re living with children remember to store your weed in an area they can’t easily access.

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