Parents: Instilling Virtual Confidence in Your Kids

The fall semester for the school year 2020-2021 has just started, and many of the school districts have now transitioned to online classes due to the continuous spreading of COVID-19. But knowing how well-versed your kids are with technology, you’re confident that this adjustment is just gonna be easy for them. Apparently, in most cases, it’s not. There are still other factors that make them not confident enough, even when they’re only facing their classmates and teachers virtually. And that’s when they need you most. To guide you deal with those aspects, here are some tips on how to help your kids be confident with virtual classes:

Invest in your kids’ gadgets

Your kids’ main tool in surviving virtual classes is their gadgets. Just as how confident you are wearing a newly bought dress online, even when you’re just at home, upgrading your kids’ gadgets or buying them a new one has the same effect on them. While it sounds costly, just think of it as if buying them a new set of school supplies like in the previous school years. In fact, according to a survey conducted by Deloitte, the average school expenses parents are expecting this year is just a bit up from last year’s. You’ll notice how it will improve not only your kids’ confidence but also their productivity, so you’ll realize it’s worth investing money in.

Some gadget essentials you should get your kids are laptops, tablets, and e-readers. But if you want them to be extra confident in facing the class, set their study room up with gleaming lights and a one of a kind background using a ring LED light and a collapsible green screen which you can easily purchase on Amazon.

Maintain your kids’ appearance

Even when your kid’s classes are accessed in the comfort of your home, it doesn’t mean letting them wear clothes they typically wear at home while in class. Your kids’ virtual classroom is still a professional setting, and therefore, you should have them dressed the way they would in a regular class. Seeing themselves looking neat and presentable on-cam will surely boost their confidence, and it will reflect on how they interact throughout the duration of the class.

Want them to be more confident? Make sure that they practice proper hygiene and have their hair cut and dentist visit regularly. Schedule the appointment with your regular barbershop and family pediatric dentist on a weekend or a holiday to avoid conflict with their classes.

Talk to your kids

Kids need most of the talking from their parents now, especially with the adjustments they’re going through with the abrupt change in the school environment. Studies from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) suggests that the level of Statistical Anxiety is more in online students than the traditional ones. If you’ve noticed changes with their study habits, or that they’re not as excited as going to school before? Go talk with them through it. Uncover the cause by throwing them leading questions, and when you’ve found the reason, confidently and calmly guide them on how to deal with it.

You may not notice it, but your kids are watching you closer than you would think. So if you feel confident with how and what you talk to them, they are likely to believe you and be more confident themselves. They surely miss the friends that they’re used to talking after school, so be that friend to them.

Throw them rewards and feedback

Your kids must already miss the rewards and boosting from their teachers, so it would be ideal for creating a reward system at home. Commend them for finishing a class or for completing a task and reward them with their favorite dessert or extra screen time. You’ll be surprised at how it’s going to improve their confidence and how it will make them excited to attend classes every day.

But what if they didn’t do something worth the rewards and praises? Go back to talking to them, figure out the reason, provide feedback, and guide them in dealing with it. But never criticize nor tell them that they’re doing a bad job. Nothing will discourage your kids more than criticizing their efforts.

Every kid is unique. There are those who find the idea of traditional schooling better than attending classes virtually, and some think otherwise. It is important for you to figure out so you know what works best for your kids. And when you’ve found that it’s the latter, spend some time with them and take the suggested actions.

Meta title: Boosting Your Kids’ Confidence as They Shift to Virtual Learning

Meta description: It’s hard to be confident with something you’re not used to, like this online learning environment. Luckily, you have your parents to support and encourage you, and this article will guide them through.