Hollywood Leather Gun-Holsters

The Hollywood Leather gun holsters are one of the most premium types of leather gun holsters, not only in terms of quality but also in terms of the price range at which they are offered. The price range of these leather gun holsters varies from 300 dollars and can be as expensive as 1000 dollars. They are found mainly in two different colors which are brown and black and sometimes can be found in tan color. However, the black-colored Hollywood leather holsters are most preferred as it gives the most unique and stylish look.

Types of Hollywood Leather Holsters

 The Texas Trail Driver holster which is based on the model 1880 is considered to be one of the best in this business. It is also a holster that is inspired by the Wild West Style of the United States. This holster suits flawlessly for a working cowboy. This can even serve as a cushion from the other elements even when one is working on a ranch or out to hike and hunt. The gun usually sits deeper in this type of holster. The elegant design of The Texas Trail Driver protects the finish from scrapes. These holsters are also specially crafted by hand and are suited for both single-action and double-action revolvers. The price range of this leather gun holsters is between 300-400 dollars, depending on where one is buying it.

The next type of Hollywood leather holster is The Silver King based on the model K59. The Lone Ranger, Gene Autry, Hopalong Cassidy, and many other greats used this holster. Not only this but The Silver King is also considered to be one of the best productions of the double holstered rig. Just like most of the other leather gun holsters, The Texas Trail Driver is also handcrafted made from the finest grain leathers. The holster is lined with twenty-four bullet loops. Sometimes the holster is also adjusted with a wonderful engraved buckle which is nickel coated. The edges of The Silver King are beautifully finished and hand-dyed which gives a smooth glossy look. It events protects against moisture and does not allow it to enter into the leather’s corners. These holsters are leather lined and are on the heavier side, weighing approximately 9 ounces. The Silver King is one of the most expensive Hollywood gun holsters if not the most expensive and has a price tag that ranges between 700 and 800 dollars.

The Laredoan is another type of leather gun holster that is based on the model 1914. This can even be termed as a nostalgic holster as it helps us to remember all the memorable characters that we saw in Hollywood Tv shows and movies. From the early 1990s, these holsters were frequently used in shows showing the tough and dangerous life of a gunfighter or an adventurer. It is cut from vegetable-tanned leather and consists of 24 completely handcrafted bullet loops. The Laredoan weighs close to 9 ounces with a price range of around 450 dollars.